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“The BEST coffee I’ve ever had in my life, and truly amazing food to match. The owners are a lovely couple that truly care about their community.” —Alex
South Seattle Emerald
“Amy’s Merkato serves Southeast Seattle eclectic Ethiopian, Mediterranean fare…and so much more.”
Eater Seattle
“This Hillman City Ethiopian and Eritrean is a hybrid restaurant, cafe, and deli that serves up excellent breakfast all day.”
Yelp (4 1/2 Stars)
“This is a great place to get takeout during the COVID crisis! We got the veggie combo. It was a good deal — about $15 and enough food for two of us, and had lots of tasty dishes.” —Daniel
Seattle Globalist
“Recent out-of-town guests, excited to sample what they described as ‘Seattle’s famous Ethiopian food,’ got me wondering where the very best local injera might be found.”